Monday, March 2, 2009

march madness

happy march everyone! so there are some fun things coming up in march, and i am super excited! we start the madness off on the 4th, which just happens to be rick's birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!) it is also the day i start subbing for french (no i don't speak french...yes this will be interesting) and this is also the kick-off day for the home show! adam just picked up their 10' x 8' pop up display that he designed and it is way cool! he did a great job on it, and has done an awesome job getting everything ready for the show! the home show ends sunday the 8th, which is also the day that we are taking abbey to the dave barnes concert (that was her bday present from us) i am super excited about the concert and getting to spend some time with abbey! the next week i do another full week of subbing french (i will let you all know how that goes!) and then the fun continues... GARZA is coming to visit!! he will be here the 12th-15th, and we are so excited about his stay here...we've been thinking of all sorts of fun things to do while he is up! (sidenote: he just has acl surgery, so if you are reading this say a quick prayer for him and a speedy recovery!) the fun doesn't stop there... MOM is coming to visit too!! she will be here on the 14th, and is scheduled to go back to tx on the 19th...we'll see if that happens! i am hoping that she has so much fun that she can't even think about going home :) hey i can dream!! then of course the real march madness starts! i love college basketball, but i realllly love march madness! i may have skipped a few classes in college so i could watch some of the games! oops :) the next event is the 28th... ashley has her dance show that hopefully i am getting to go down for...that is the plan so far! she is a very talented dancer and anyone that is in abliene should go check out her show the weekend of the 28th! well then we get into april....and since i am pretty pumped about it, i will go ahead and share my excitement for april...rick is taking the family to CABO! doesn't that sound so amazing!?! i can't wait! well then after april, comes may which means...our one year anniversary :) we have been looking at some places to go in mn to celebrate and get away for a weekend! check out some of the websites...and you can tell us your opinion :) or if you live in mn and have some better ideas, let us know!
those are just the ones i can remember! i forgot to bookmark the places after we looked at them...oops! then after that we head into summer with abbey's graduation, dan & dana's wedding, kelly's birthday, nikki's birthday (hopefully a visit to see her, or she comes here to visit), mom's birthday, etc...and the list could keep going until i got to christmas! which since i realized i titled this blog MARCH madness, maybe i shoud just stick to march...there is just such much excitement it was hard to contain it all!! we hope everyone is doing well and love you all!