Sunday, September 30, 2012

Happy Fall Y'all

Just a preview of fall decorating day last week...more to come :) Happy pumpkin spice latte, pumpkin carving, leaves a fallin, football games, long sleeve shirts, tall boots, cider, tortilla soup, cool weather, autumn leaf candle burning season!! Oh my goodness I LOVE FALL :)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's the most WONDERFUL time of the year...

So I love Shutterfly and love using them for printing pictures, making inviations, and so much more so I was estatic when I saw that they were giving away 50 free cards to bloggers! I was in the process of planning our card out when I saw my friend Lindsay's facebook talking about this fabulous promotion. Now I always feel so akward putting a picture of just me & Adam on the front of the card, (I will feel better once we have kiddos) but I just love how adorable their cards are AND how easy they make sending out a bizillion cards during a crazy busy time :) Here is a little preview of some of their cards...
This was the one my sister-in-law used last year - I LOVED it!! Well I am going to keep looking at all of their AMAZING cards should check them out too!! Merry Christmas!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

jones design company...

this place is heavenly. i accidently found it trying to find something else for school, and i am not sorry about it! this lady is amazing, and OH SO creative!! i am warning you, you cannot just go quickly look at her will get hooked. there you have it, don't say i didn't warn you :) check out her looks like she does monthly giveaways and who doesn't love giveaways!?!? i sure do! anyways, go check out her blog now reading!

Monday, April 5, 2010

It could happen....

....more details to come!!

Friday, January 22, 2010


Now most of you know about my mother-in-law's AMAZING store, but for those of you that don't let me just tell you about it quick! Zida a trendy boutique carrying designer inspired handbags, jewelry, hats, scarves, wallets, and more! The best part about it...affordable prices! Their store is located in Minnesota and is the most adorable place you have ever seen! Everyone that walks in just falls in love with the fun atmosphere, wonderful assistance provided and of course the INCREDIBLE accessories!! So some of you are sitting here reading this in TX, NC, maybe even Japan :) thinking well that is great for everyone in Minnesota, but what about us!! Well now you can enjoy the amazing accessories too! How do we do that you ask?!? It is an easy way to shop and right now they have a promotion going on where you can save 20% off your entire first purchase. Bad news: it ends tomorrow. Good news: they are going to extend this offer until the end of the month ONLY for my blog readers!!! So stop what you are doing and go check it out...I know you will love it!! *You can also find them on facebook and twitter!*

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Even in the smallest details...

God is SO GOOD!

So I won an AWESOME giveaway today and I am just bursting with excitement and filled with joy! Whatever could this AWESOME thing be!?!? Well let me just tell you about it quick...

Sweet Cassie was hosting a giveaway for a Vintage Pearl gift certificate (if you are unfamiliar with The Vintage Pearl, you MUST go check it is amazing!!) and while I do LOVE The Vintage Pearl for myself, I had someone else in mind! An INCREDIBLE someone I might add. A someone who has gone through a lot and has an incredible amount of strength and has truly touched my life! I had been telling Adam that I thought we should get them something from The Vintage Pearl and not too long after saying that, I look and see Cassie was hosting a giveaway! I was like okay I never win anything ever, but I just have to try and see if I can win this for them! (Sidenote: I don't want to say who this someone is yet because I don't want to ruin the surprise!) So I read how to enter and got started. I have never done an online giveaway, but I was somewhat familiar with the concept of how to get "extra points or entries" by facebooking, twittering, blogging, etc. So I don't know how to Twitter or really know what it is, but was determined to do all the other "extra" things as well. I commented on Cassie's blog, became a follower of the incredible Erin (who owns The Vintage Pearl) and then was trying to figure out how to somehow make a facebook status that had a link to Cassie's site. I do realized I sound like one of those silly technically challenged kinda people...well that is because I am! So I was getting kind of bummed and just decided to leave my facebook how it was and just log out when I saw I had a message. It was from Cassie and I know she probably wouldn't want me to bring this up, but I just want to share how precious she is and what an amazing heart she has. She told me she read my story and that she wanted to give me a gift certificate to use for my friend even if I didn't win the giveaway on her blog. She said she was still going to draw a name and she would just talk to me later about getting me a certificate. I teared up when I read that and was touched by her generosity and kindness. What a beautiful heart she has and an incredible eagerness to serve and bless others! Well I looked today and saw I had a message from Cassie, and her first words are "Did you see the blog?" I got goosebumps as I read the rest and she told me that she promised she randomly chose a number, and guess who it was...ME :) I looked on her blog and she was right, she really does enter it into this random number generator thingy and I really was the winner. It was a total God thing, don't you think!! She ended her message with this, "Congrats! God is really good, even in the smallest details:)" Just gives me goosebumps! I will tell you all more about who this "mystery" someone is and about their powerful kinda makes this story even cooler, but I didn't want to share all of it in case they read this and saw they were getting something amazing from The Vintage Pearl :) Thank you again Cassie & Erin for everything, you girls are a blessing!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

train of thoughts tuesday

*arrived in cabo recovering from the stomach flu...i think it officially healed me
*excited to see ash & spenser
*the first bite of chips & guac were heavenly
*we didn't waste anytime and went straight to laying out...i was totally okay with that
*ate incredible food the entire trip either at the resort or out in town...oh my seriously some of the yummiest food ever...still think about it sometimes
*the resort was huge and absolutely incredible...rick i can't say it enough...thank you!!
*saw a momma and baby whale jumping around in the water while we were laying out at the resort...a truly breath-taking sight...reminds you how amazing God is
*miami vice was a tasty drink, but stayed faithful to my malibu 7 for the most part
*so thankful for family time
*chips & guac still heavenly
*taught the fam how to play bohnanza...might have made up our own rules, but it was fun
*took a catamaran to go snorkeling...the boat crew was awesome
*laughed so hard with ash trying to run in our flippers
*boat crew laughed so hard at me, as the waves took me down while trying to run in flippers
*everyone went snorkeling and it was wonderful...ash and i got kinda cold, but that's just a minor detail
*put sunscreen on my lips everyday to prevent cold sores...i forgot the day of the snorkeling trip
*last bite of chips & guac even more heavenly
*last night we went into town to have dinner at a hole-in-the wall restaurant...kinda, but the boat of seafood we were served was so stinkin good
*ended trip with some hagen das ice cream...good idea ash & amanda
*overall the trip was incredible and i will post pictures later (or if you are on facebook...they are there)
*wanted to do a mexican thank you dinner for rick...oober excited because i found the recipe for chipotle's was yummy

Mother's Day...
*was reminded how truly blessed i am
*got to go to brunch with my beautiful mother-in-law (and gary, abbey & adam) and celebrate her and all of the wonderful things she does for us!!
*thank you mom for loving me unconditionally and for teaching me how to love are an incredible example to so many and especially to make me want to be a better woman and strive to one day be a mom like you! i love you to the moon and back times twenty four and forever and always! :)
*thank you kelly for loving me as i am your have no idea how grateful i am to have you in my life...some of my favorite qualities in adam are the ones so evident in you, thank you for raising the greatest man and for sharing him with me... you are a wonderful blessing in my life!
*thank you mary for taking us as your are so loving and kind to deal with the good side and the not so good side of us and still accept us for who we are! thank you for all you do for us!
*happy mother's day mom, kelly, mary, grandma zaumseil, grandma foster, grandma berres, gloria, betsy, kris, and karen! you are some of the greatest women we know and we are so very thankful to have each one of you in our lives!!
*p.s. happy first mother's day to the beautiful brittany gauntt...anna grace is lucky to have you as a momma

*1 year anniversary coming up sooo soon
*going to grand view lodge to celebrate...couldn't be more excited!
*abbey is graduating in less than a has been so fun to watch her grow and blossom into this indredible, Godly, beautiful (inside & out) woman!!
*realizing how much i use the exclamation mark and trying to cut back on it...don't look at the sentence above
*ashley moves back to minnesota (hopefully) june 1st
*tons of family will be in town for abbey's graduation, and i cannot wait...i love family
*dan & dana are getting married in june and we are so excited for them...adam is a groomsmen (probably the best looking one too!)
*wishing i was either at trader joes or laying out right now
*i would wish that i was doing something with adam, but he would be i would wish that he wasn't working and it was raining and we could snuggle on the couch and watch a movie and eat double stuffed oreos
*actually i wouldn't really want to eat oreos...i have recently been on a chips and salsa kick (so yummy) and a trader joes animal cracker kick and a dark chocolate peanut m&m kick, so i would probably have one of those...or all :)
*i wish my mom lived in mn (or somewhere a bit closer)
*my sister had a really fun weekend, and i haven't got to talk to her at all about it and i am oober excited to hear about it and just to talk to her
*my best friend brittany moore had appendix surgery last week and just got out of the hospital and i am anxious to talk to her as well to hear how she is doing
*adam and i are going camping with my dad & mary & nikki sometime in july and we are pretty pumped
*zida cut their store in half because it really was too big, and now it looks awesome (i have to brag...kelly did all the design and rearranging, and it looks incredible)
*i truly believe in a vegan lifestyle, but cannot afford to be one
*my husband is incredible and everyday God reminds me how amazing he truly is and how blessed i am to have him in my life
*jess and i are really starting a business that will rock your socks off, but we haven't found a weekend yet for us to start creating will happen soon though
*i wish adam and i could go to north carolina this summer
*i absolutely love my nanny job, and truly believe he is the cutest little boy i know
*reading people's blog is a lot easier for me to do, than to keep up with my own...i would like to be better about it so i don't have 10 page posts every time (like this one)
*i am subbing today, and am able to write all of this because it is my prep time and have nothing to prep...i am teaching sign language which i was excited about because i love sign language, but they are watching a disney movie today (it has nothing to do with sign language...hmm)
*a new boy walked in to class today and said "sh*t, you are fine!"
*i told him i was fine sending him to the office if he chose to use language like that again...i didn't hear much from him the rest of class
*a girl in one of the classes (i have subbed for this teacher several times) noticed i chopped off all my hair and had a sweet comment about it...after she left the class, i prayed that when adam and i have kids that they are more like her, than the "sh*t, you are fine" that bad?
*adam is playing for trinity's (our new church we go to) softball team, and so does gary...which i think is neat they play together
*they have a game tonight and i am excited to go and excited about it being nice outside
*he is also playing with his uncle's team again, and aaron is playing this year too...i haven't been able to make it to a game, but i hope to make it to this weeks
*might be starting a garden...more like a few pots with tomatoes, beans, and maybe blueberries...really wish i could plant some peonies, but i haven't looked into how to plant those!
*currently my toes are so cold that they burn and my fingernails are turning blue, the rest of my body is okay temp wise...all because i drank ice cold water from the fountain...poor circulation stinks (this is why i order water w/ no ice...i promise i am not being prissy...i just don't enjoy my fingers, toes, and lips getting so cold they feel like they are on fire!)
*class starts again in 5 minutes and i have already gone through a venti coffee...should probably visit the restroom before the kids get here
*sorry for the lengthy post and hopefully i will be better about posting